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7/1/2012 ---

We are excited to announce Matt will receive the 2012 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship! Those of you that can make it should watch Matt receive his award 7:00pm, July 24 at the Theater in the Woods at EAA Airventure Oshkosh WI!!

Matt is the FIRST second-generation Bill Barber award recipient. As many of you know, Bobby received the Bill Barber award in 2004. Like Bobby, Matt is humbled to have been nominated for this award by the best-of-the-best in the airshow industry.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the award ceremony!!

For more information, please click below:

6/13/2011 ---

On behalf of the Younkin family, I want to personally thank each and every one of our family, friends, and fans for their words of encouragment and support. For those of you who are wondering, Matt will continue to perform - just as Amanda would want him to.

Please note we have added new airshows to our schedule, please join us at a location near you!!

Thank you again, and God bless you all.

3/28/2011 ---

As you all know by now, Amanda and Kyle Franklin were involved in an airshow accident in Brownsville, TX on 3/12/11.

Please click here to link to Kyle's website for up-to-date information on Kyle and Amanda's condition.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time.

--The Younkin family

12/05/2010 ---

New for 2011!!! Airshow Sponsor / Media Rides

New for 2011!!! Beech 18 Parachute Platform

Back for the 2011 Airshow season is the ever popular and famous Younkin Beech 18 “Magic by Moonlight.”  Matt’s daytime Twin Beech performance has been an airshow industry staple for many years and continues to grow in popularity.  The beauty and grace of the Beech 18 are unmatched in the industry by any other aircraft or act.  When lots of smoke, lots of noise, and lots of square footage of airplane combine to provide a low, tight, and astonishing performance, there is no doubt what the crowd will be talking about on the way home from your airshow!!!

Twin Beech After Dark continues to redefine the expectations of the night airshow attending public!  Matt Younkin and “Magic by Moonlight” were very fortunate to be a part of the very first ever EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Night Airshow this year.  When the lights went out and the smoke cleared, EAA reported that they received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the record crowd that attended.  The night show was so popular that it is likely to become an annual event.  Several representatives of EAA told Matt that the Twin Beech was a major highlight of the show!  And many airshow fans have emailed Younkin with statements referring to the Twin Beech as THE major highlight of the Airventure Night Show.  It can truly be said that “Twin Beech After Dark” is likely the most unique night act on the circuit.  With 50 external lights including the recently added engine and nose art lights, a spectacular “in your face” soundtrack, and split second light and maneuver choreography, “Twin Beech After Dark” is definitely a must see and a must have performance for your airshow!!!

For the first time ever, Matt is offering media/ sponsor rides in his beautiful Twin Beech 18. This airplane is also available for use as a jump platform.  The Twin Beech can seat five passengers or eight jumpers as required.  Imagine a jump plane that drops the cargo, pops the smoke, and circles the jumpers down.  Matt and his Twin Beech now have the capacity to provide more exposure for and a great start to your event at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!!  


12/04/2010 ---

Matt Younkin is proud to announce his partnership with Summit Aviation LLC as a qualified flight instructor.  Matt is a fully rated instructor with CFI, MEI, and II ratings who specializes in tail wheel, aerobatic, upset recovery/ spin training, and multi engine training.   Feel free to email Matt at or Summit Aviation LLC for more details.  Coming soon will be a page on this website detailing flight instruction with Matt Younkin.


01/25/2010 ---

To my Airshow friends and family,

Thank you all for the tremendous support over the last four years, and especially over the last three months. My family and I have experienced a very exciting set of circumstances starting in early November.

As most of you know, I was involved in an aircraft accident on November 10, 2009. I was flying my Grandfather's Mullicoupe (pictured below) when I experienced a loss of power. As a result, I hit a power line while attempting to land the airplane in a field. The airplane was torn up pretty badly and I sustained some injuries as well. I never was the type to stand around and do nothing waiting on my injuries to heal, so with the help of a safety pilot, my first flight after the accident was in the left seat of a Beech 18 (only 10 days later). I have been flying ever since. I am happy to report that I am back up to 100% and will fly a full season of airshows this year. As for the Mullicoupe, it's a LONG way down the road to recovery as well. The tubular fuselage has been completely reworked, the landing gear is repaired and ready for fabric, the tail is repaired and ready for fabric, a new firewall has been crafted and installed, and much of the molded body that forms the shape of the airplane around the frame (wooden stringers, door frame, etc.) has been repaired. I would not be a bit surprised if the Mullicoupe is able to fly again by the end of this year.

On a brighter note, my beautiful baby girl "Kimberly Rae," was born November 26, 2009 (Thanksgiving morning). She was 19 inches long and weighed in at 6 pounds even. The very next day, I was able to take her for her very first Twin Beech ride. When our wheels left the ground, she was exactly 36.5 hours old. Becoming a father is by far the greatest gift a man could ever receive. Kimmy is doing very well and now weighs over 10 pounds. She just started smiling at me a couple of weeks ago. She must either think I'm funny, or just funny looking.

On December 9, 2009, Amanda and I had the incredible honor of accepting posthumously our father Bobby Younkin's plaque for being inducted into the Airshow Hall of Fame. That was one of the hardest speeches I have ever had to give but I was so humbled that I was able to be a part of that experience. Dad was THE most gifted pilot I have ever known and he deserved that place among his peers in spades.

We had a very Merry Baby's First Christmas and a very Happy New Year as well. Now starts the tremendous drive to get ready for the first show of the season.

The Twin Beech engines are removed every year and sent to Tulsa for a teardown inspection. This year I am happy to report that Tulsa Aircraft Engines, Inc. sent them back to us completely overhauled and like new. Thank you so much Sam, Rex, and the rest of the Tulsa crew for your continued support! We couldn't even begin to do this without you. Every year we take the airplane apart, we make drastic improvements over the year before. This year, the Beech is getting an instrument upgrade. Thanks to Stein Air Avionics, Inc., and PS Engineering, Inc., we are upgrading the radio stack with all new equipment and a new Trutrak Sorcerer autopilot. We have a lot of work yet to complete over the next couple of weeks, but I anticipate one very nice, airworthy Twin Beech becoming the end result.

As of right now, my first show of the season will be in Punta Gorda FL on April 10th and 11th. This show is in the beech 18 and is scheduled as a day and night show. We will travel on to Sun 'n Fun from there.

That pretty well sums it up. Again thank you all for the tremendous support you have given my family and me and I can't wait to see you all again on the airshow circuit this year.

Take care and God bless you all,

Matt Younkin

Jim hard at work on the Mullicoupe
Matt, Jim, Amanda, and Kyle pictured in front of the Mullicoupe. Jim is Matt and Amanda's grandfather and designer/builder of the Mullicoupe. Jim hard at work restoring the Mullicoupe to its original glory.
Matt and Kimmy Flying
Kimmy's first flight 11/27
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Super Kimmy!! Kimmy's maiden flight on 11/27 at just 36.5 hours old!
Bobby Younkin's induction into the Aviation Hall of Fame our first Christmas
Amanda and Matt receiving Bobby's plaque of recognition for induction into the Airshow Hall of Fame. Matt, Michelle, and Kimmy's first Christmas church service
beech overhaul
Younkin Twin Beech in the middle of its 2010 condition inspection. A special thanks to Sam and Rex at Tulsa Aircraft for providing these beautiful newly overhauled engines.


01/08/2010 ---2010 Schedule updated

We have updated our in progress 2010 schedule, check it out!

12/09/2009 ---Check out the new videos!!

As usual, Kyle Franklin has outdone himself with new videos for the 2010 season! Check them out here, and be sure to visit Kyle at Area 51 VP for all of your Video, DVD, Website, and Ad Design needs!!

11/27/2009 ---Kimberly makes her maiden flight!

Matt Younkin is proud to announce that his daughter made her maiden flight at 36 hours old.. Of course, this flight was in a Twin Beech 18! We are looking forward to many more flights with our newest crew member!


11/26/2009 ---Announcing the arrival of our newest addition, Kimberly Rae!!

Matt and Michelle Younkin are proud to announce the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Kimberly Rae, at 0758 Thanksgiving morning weighing in at 6lb and measuring 19 inches.. Mom and baby are doing well, and Matt is looking forward to seeing all of you at ICAS this year!

Matt, Michelle, and Kimmy


11/10/2009 --- Matt Younkin press release

Matt Younkin was injured while flying the Younkin Mullicoupe on Tuesday afternoon. During his flight he experienced a loss of power and was forced into an emergency landing near a model airplane field south of his home in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Matt's injuries are non-life threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the 2010 airshow season. We would like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time.

Younkin Family


10/28/2009 --- To go or not to go, that is the question...

Kimberly RaeAs the 2009 airshow season comes to a close, we find ourselves in a conundrum. Matt and Michelle's first child, Kimberly, is due to arrive on the first day of the ICAS convention, December 6th. As much as Matt wants to see everyone and to be a part of this year's activities, he regrets that it is quite possible that he will not be able to make it to this year's convention. We very much appreciate your support and will do everything we can to see that Matt joins you this year. Our Airshow family is extremely important to us, but you can all understand that Matt would like to be with his wife during this special time. We will keep this site updated with any new developments, and hopefully with Kimmy's (not too) early arrival!





10/15/2009 ---- Bobby Younkin to be inducted into Air Show Hall of Fame

Bobby T6On December 9, 2009, legendary airshow pilot Bobby Younkin will be inducted into the ICAS Airshow Hall of Fame. Bobby is recognized as an outstanding pilot and talented innovator whose airshow career spanned more than thirty years. Bobby learned to fly in a Bellanca Decathlon at age 16. His first airshow performance was in that same airplane two years later at Siloam Springs, AR. In the years that followed, Bobby gained notoriety with unique performances in the AT-6 Texan, Beech 18, 600hp Super Stearman "Goliath", "Samson", and the Learjet 23. Ironically, Bobby came full circle shortly before the end of his career by performing many airshows across the country in his brand new Super Decathlon. Younkin amazed audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico and inspired millions with his unique ability to fly an airplane. He truly deserves the honor of joining his peers in the Airshow Hall of Fame.


7/26/2009 ---- Meet Ms. Ellie!!

Ms Ellie

She is the newest member of the Younkin Airshows team and serves as the group’s official mascot. 
Matt Younkin has always been proud of the fact that his Beech 18 is in fact a 1943 warbird.  The airplane, with the exception of the paint scene is basically as it was when sold surplus in 1945.  Matt has long since been looking for the perfect nose art to compliment the airplane and the act.  “Miss Ellie” is the answer!

Those who have seen the Beech 18 daytime performance can recall the lighthearted “Pink Elephants” music that begins and ends the show.  As the airplane lumbers down the runway in preparation for the roll on takeoff, soundtrack capitalizes on an overly obese airplane attempting aerobatic maneuvers that its designers never intended on.  After a graceful aerobatic demonstration, the performance is concluded with a dutch rolling dirty pass dubbed the “Elephant Waltz” which is set to that same corny music.  Therefore, airshow spectators have often referred to the Beech 18 as the “White Elephant” of the airshow industry.  In addition, there are those who can’t help but laugh as the big Beech performs to such appropriate music.

In stark contrast, Mat t Younkin’s Night Aerobatic Spectacular is bold, powerful, and anything but big and clumsy.  Matt saw this new act as the perfect opportunity to engineer a mascot whose incredible beauty could tie the two shows together. 
Now in proper World War Two attire, “Miss Ellie” proudly takes her place of honor on the nose of Younkin’s 1943 C-18S, dubbed “Magic by Moonlight.”  Look for her appearance in advertisements, on t-shirts, and on the airplane at an airshow near you!